Welcome to the Fall Ball Classic

Girls Weekend: September 27-28th, 2014
Boys Weekend: October 4-5th, 2014

On behalf of Tri-State Futbol Alliance, we invite your club or team to apply for participation in our annual Fall Ball Classsic.  This tournament draws teams from:  Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio North, Ohio South and West Virginia and beyond. In other words, we are large enough where you can bring your entire club and we will bracket them according to their ability.  We also work with coaches who have multiple teams to avoid schedule conflicts.  The most competitive teams will be placed in the upper divisions, etc.

We are proud to announce the 2014 Fall Ball Classic will be the first tournament hosted at the newly developed Voice of America Soccer Complex located in Northern Cincinnati area. TFA is also proud to announce the Fall Ball Classic is a gotsoccer.com tournament in 2014. We would like to welcome the girls from Ohio South to join us September 27th and 28th and invite the boys to join us October 4th and 5th. We hope to see everyone there this fall to experience the renaissance of an old classic tournament that has been a staple to Cincinnati soccer for 28 years.

Each participating team will play a minimum of three games. Individual trophies and team awards will be awarded for 1st and 2nd place in all brackets.

Entry Fees are as follows:
U8-U9 ($450)
U10-U12 ($500)
U13-U14 ($525)

Guest Players:
U8-U10 (2 guest players)
U11-U12 (3 guest players)
U13-U14 (4 guest players)

Division By Age Group:
U8-U10 (6v6)
U11-U12 (8v8)
U12 (11v11)
U13-U14 (11v11)

Roster Size: 
U8-U10 12 players
U11-12 16 players
U13-14 18 players

U8 Teams:
Please note that U8 teams will be playing in the U9 bracket unless we have enough teams to support a dedicated U8 division.

Trapped Eight Graders:
Trapped eight graders will be permitted to play in this year's Fall Ball. Teams with trapped eight graders will play in the U14 age groups. 













Teams that are not accepted will have their entry fee returned with letter of notification. Once accepted, entry fees will not be refunded. Applications are invited from club teams that are in good standing with the United States Youth Soccer Association. Only approved players passes will be permitted to participate.

We make EVERYTHING easy for you, right down to your hotel reservations.  See Hotel Information for details.  TFA wants you to have the best tournament experience possible.